Reciprocal Link Agreement

Your Celebrity Faves in the News has specific requirements for a reciprocal link exchange. In order to receive a link exchange, for example from one of our celebrity pages to your fan site, you must agree to the following requirements:

• If you choose to utilize our reciprocal link code, you do so at your own risk. We do not guarantee the success of the link or the code.
• You agree not to change our code in any way.
• You agree to keep our code on your site for a period of not less than 365 consecutive days. If you decide to remove the code, you will inform us in writing via email (hiya_@_yourcelebrityfaves.com -- remove underscores) with not less than 14 days notice. Your reciprocal linking code will be removed from our site at your request within 30 days or sooner at our discretion.
• Your site may not fall into any of the following categories:
•• pornography of any kind,
•• gambling,
•• hate,
•• underage drinking,
•• illegal or other narcotics,
•• defamatory, racist, religiously biased, gender biased, or otherwise inflammatory content,
•• illegally reproduced content.
• We do not investigate reciprocal link content pages until a complaint is raised. Complaints should be sent to (hiya_@_yourcelebrityfaves.com -- remove underscores). Misrepresentation of your site in providing a reciprocal link will result in removal of reciprocal link information in as few as 3 days. You will be notified, only if possible and convenient, of this action. You will also, at that time be asked to remove our link from your site.

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